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Clarity Catalyst

Clarity Catalyst: an 8-week Online Course


If you are ready to start experiencing more joy at work or think it’s time to look for something different, this course is for you.

Participants in the class can learn:

  • How to Shift their Perspective in the Moment

  • How to be Present with Others 

  • How to Recognize and Stop Negative Thought Patterns

  • Find Joy in their Current Jobs

  • The Importance of Daily Meditation & Breathing Techniques

  • How to Evaluate their Working Conditions and Develop Creative Ways  to Improve them 

  • To Live with a Lightness of Spirit and Daily Purpose 


Students Get the Most Out of Reginite Your Light When They:

  • Attend 6-to-8 in-person Online Classes (90 min/week)

  • Connect with a Fellow Student for 1 hour each week

  • Read Michael Singer’s “Untethered Soul” during the course

  • Incorporate Tools from the Class into their Daily Lives

A Note from Course Instructor Katie Creel:


"I took this course when I was working as a nurse in the  Emergency Room.When I applied the lessons from this class it became clear that working in the emergency room setting was the wrong setting for me. It also became clear how many tools from the course can be not only used at home but at work as well. I began to realize, as a practiced these tools, that although I could find peace in the chaos I was being pulled in a new direction.  I wondered why we were not taught this in school or at work. I felt in my heart that it was time to teach these tools and practices to others so they too can experience peace, connection and confidence to navigate there life in a direction that is in alignment with there authentic self."

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