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Katie Creel

Life Coach

I am inviting you to take the Journey Within and bring together your most powerful physical, personal, and professional qualities and aspirations into alignment!

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I have worked as a registered nurse for 18 years. The past 10 of those years have been in the emergency department. What I have noticed over and over again is that patients show up with symptoms but testing confirms there is no “true” emergency. When I speak with these patients and ask them if their stress level has been high the answer is almost always yes. This got me thinking about how we see patients with chest pain, abdominal, back pain, acid reflux etc. We find no source for the cause, so we tell them to follow up with their primary physician.


 As I reflect back on my own life I think back to how physically sick I got after my fathers death. I had severe abdominal pain and was diagnosed with IBS. Also at that time my jaw would randomly become dislocated. I was diagnosed with TMJ. I also began to have heart palpitations. ​As I worked through the pain of the loss of my father and started to come out of the depression I was in I suddenly no longer had IBS. I do still have TMJ but am working to do holistic things and healing to help.I also sporadically experience palpitations but that too is very infrequent.These are all physical manifestations of the chronic state of stress, worry and fear that I have lived under. ​


Over the course of many years I have been working on myself to grow and heal. To live in alignment with who I really am not who I “should be” As I make choices that are authentic to me (not society) I have discovered that life is indeed fun! ​I have chosen to become a life coach because I want to help bridge the gap that exists in our current healthcare system.I want to help you get in touch with your truth, heal old wounds and live a life full of love, peace and joy!

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